Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Return of the Jedi ?

It seems I am not the only person who has begun to think of FC Barcelona as if they were 'Star Wars' Jedi knights.

On Sunday Adi-Oula Sebastian, a guest columnist at The Bleacher Report, published an article titled 'FC Barcelona: The Empire Crumbles, Could This be the Return of the Jedi?'  As anyone who has visited this blog knows, I've been saying that for quite some time now.  After the wonderful outcome of this past weekend's matches in La Liga play, Sebastian was moved to compare Barca to Jedi knights:

'Real Madrid, defeated? Could it be true?

Ready to remove the person from my friends’ list, I double checked, because one doesn’t get a CulĂ©’s hopes up like that.

It was true. The Empire was defeated, at the Santiago Bernabeu of all places.  For once, I’ve read something interesting on Facebook.

It appears as if the dark Sith lord, Florentino Perez and his storm troopers, cannot prevent the inevitable, a third consecutive championship for FC Barcelona. Even the acquisition of Darth Vader aka Jose Mourinho didn’t bring the desired results, yet.

Ever since Florentino Perez ordered the construction of a second, more expensive Death Star aka the Galacticos 2.0, he still remains on the losing side, for now. Of course, Darth Vader (Jose Mourinho) is a little short on offensive weapons. The Empire's most recognized soldier, Darth Maul (Cristiano Ronaldo--yeah I know he didn’t even make it to the horrible sequel), is currently unavailable, as is Bobba Fett (Karim Benzema).

Nevertheless, there still remains a silver lining for both, the Dark Sith lord and Darth Vader. At the very least, they can still claim two major trophies, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League— in Merengue language: La Decima.

What stands in between winning these much coveted trophies, the Jedi Knight (I’m a diehard Barca fan after all).  Even though Lionel Messi (I’m not exactly sure who he is, either Luke Skywalker or Han Solo but judging by his girl, Gerard Pique is the latter) has been a little off his best lately. I’m sure Obi Wan Kenobi (Pep Guardiola) can once again guide his way. With Master Yoda (Johan Cryuff) retreating to his chosen exile, Amsterdam, someone has to uphold his principles.

It remains to be seen whether the Empire strikes back, but for now, FC Barcelona seem to have the upper hand in the ongoing battle.'

Well, that was a fun article.  Of course, I totally agree with Mr. Sebastian, but I must say that Lionel Messi is not either Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, he is his own unique Jedi persona:

He is Messi Wan Kenobi.  Welcome to Jedi Soccer.