Saturday, February 5, 2011

Messi X 3 and Records Fall

For the fourth time this season, we have been blessed to watch the gifted Lionel Messi, AKA 'Messi Wan Kenobi' here at Jedi Soccer, score a hat trick and put the ball three times into the back of the next, as Barca marched onwards and over Atletico Madrid in the now-officially historic campaign of 2010-2011.  At the 17th minute, Messi drilled a low shot from the edge of the box to open the scoring, and then added a second close-range shot in the 29th minute to put Barca commandingly in the lead at the half time.  Although Atletico gamely resisted in the second half, near the end of the match Messi Wan Kenobi dashed into an uncontrolled melee in front of the Atletico goal, and calmly pushed the loose ball over the line for his third goal of the night.

This triumph deluxe for Barca was far more than yet another brilliant performance by the legendary Messi Wan Kenobi.  It also marks the sixteenth consecutive league victory this season for FC Barcelona, thus officially surpassing the 50 year old record of fifteen matches previously held by... Real Madrid.


In related news... here is a shout-out and a thanks to Jay and Alexis of the Penya Barcelonista Washington for their friendly company at Castle and Elephant for the match.  You meet the nicest people at Penya events.