Friday, January 21, 2011

Barca Loses & Advances

It's come to this: you know your side is the best, when they lose a tournament match and still advance based on previous wins over the same opponent.

Such was the case this Wednesday, when Real Betis avenged its earlier 5-0 humiliation by FC Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey competition.  Two early goals by Betis uncharacteristically placed Barcelona in a deficit position, and to their credit Betis succeeded in keeping the pressure on the Blaugrana.  Messi Wan Kenobi scored a goal late in the first half which gave Barca a fighting chance; but another goal by Betis made it 3 -1 at the break.  Early in the second half a missed penatly kick by Messi seemed to give Betis new life, and they went on to hold FC Barcelona to just one goal, snapping the club's 28 game winning streak.

Still, on the strength of their previous 5-0 victory over Real Betis in the Copa Del Rey, Barca advances.  With a place in the semifinals assured, there is no reason why Messi & Co. will not return to their patented Tiki-Taka Telepathic Total Football style of play.  Next up is Racing Santander, whom are quite unlikely to deal Barca their third defeat of the season.