Monday, October 25, 2010

Moreno Retires, Messi Wins

This past Saturday, two really important events happened in the world of Jedi Soccer: Barca's 2-Nil triumph over Zaragoza in La Liga play; and Jaime Moreno's final match and final career goal for DC United.  Normally Barca news takes priority over what DC United is up to, but I think today is an exception.

In the last match of this dreadful Season from Hell, DC United hero Jaime Moreno, United's Ultimate Champion, stepped up to the penalty spot in the 48th minute against FC Toronto to take a shot and score the final goal of his fabulous and illustrious career.  A deafening crescendo of cheers rose up from the spectators when he put the ball in the net, including from MLS Commissioner Don Garber and former United teamates John Harkes, Eddie Pope and Marco Etcheverry.  Sadly, as-per-normal in this ugly, ugly season, DC United promptly gave up the lead again and ended up losing to the Canadian side 3-2, in an otherwise forgettable match.

So ends the brilliant football career of Jaime Moreno, Champion.  Mercifully, the season is over for DC United, but its clear that no one will hold this season against Moreno.  He will be fondly remembered for his many other contributions.

Meanwhile... on the other side of the Atlantic, FC Barcelona paid a visit to La Liga rivals Zaragoza this past Saturday.  In yet another stunning display of football virtuosity, Messi Wan Kenobi found the back of the net twice, posting all the scoring that Barca would need to stay in the race to defend their league championship.  Including his two recent goals against Kobenhavn in Champion's League play, Lionel Messi has now scored 4 goals in 2 games.  Lionel Messi is truly the dominant football player of this generation.

Lionel Messi and Jaime Moreno: two champions.  I'm really going to miss seeing Moreno in the all-black, but at least Messi will be still be around for a few more years to entertain us, hopefully wearing the blue and red.